Global Innovation Strategies

Your mission understood, our opportunity ensuring your success.  We enable growth by capitalizing on essential advantages to create comprehensive and sustainable results.

How Can We Help You Thrive?

Comprehensive Consulting Services

Building sustainable results with lasting value and impact, GIS is a full spectrum consulting firm offering services to budding entrepreneurs, startups, small and medium-sized businesses, non-profits, and community groups to help you and your organizations THRIVE!

Org Dev & Transformation

GIS focuses on holistic organizational growth by capitalizing on essential advantages to create comprehensive, integrated, and sustainable results based on your unique business model.

Strategic Planning

Strengthening and aligning your deeper level WHY to your vision, goals, and objectives, leading to innovative initiatives which actualize your mission and create lasting success.

Performance Management

We focus on holistic organizational growth by capitalizing on essential advantages to create comprehensive, integrated, and sustainable results based on your unique model.

Seized Opportunities


Are you crystal clear about your path forward - Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals?


Is there fire in your organization's belly to pursue their purpose and act daily towards achieving the SGs?


Are you committed to the realization of the strategy, empowering staff, and innovating your way forward?


GIS takes an interactive, innovative, consulting approach based on your organization's WHY and core competencies to enable leaders and staff to reach higher levels of performance, and achieve substantial, sustainable success.

Lasting Growth


Exponentially level up your ability to influence, lead, and have positive impact.


Increase your creativity and  harness new methods to bust out of your results "box".


Heighten your ability to develop  partnerships and grow new markets.

"Dr. Farrell is a highly qualified organizational management expert. Her facilitation skills and her knowledge of collaboration and innovation tools position her to lead productive group sessions with definite take-aways and action plans. She is an enthusiastic leader and is committed to high performance both for herself and the groups she supports. Her leadership of the ASQ Innovation Technical Community has helped the all-volunteer group make progress towards its vision and mission, during a time of organizational transformation in spite of limited resources."

Ms. Jane Keathley
ASQ Board of Directors, Former Innovation TC Chair

"I have had the pleasure to work with Dr. Rhonda Farrell within the IEEE MGA GUOS Committee responsible for design, development, and implementation of the support model for IEEE geographic units. I was impressed by Rhonda's strategic planning and organizational management skills. She was able to define the key pain points of Region 2, created a roadmap for remediation and led major changes to achieve strategic goals. "

Mr. Hossam Ali
IEEE MGA Student Activities Committee (SAC) Chair

"Dr. Farrell's organizational change efforts in the vitality area over the last five years have provided IEEE Region 2 senior leadership and committees with a structured approach to identifying complex improvement opportunities, enabling us to achieve higher levels of organizational performance, impact, and further drive member value. Based on operational excellence (Shingo Model), and performance excellence (Baldrige) principles, Dr. Farrell helped us to strengthen our regional ethos, develop and capitalize on an innovative E-C2-I2 approach, and align more strongly to our organizational core values. These change efforts provide IEEE Region 2 with a strategically aligned growth and maturation roadmap which is easily operationalized and action oriented."

Dr. Wolfram Bettermann
Immediate Past Chair, IEEE Region 2

"Dr. Rhonda Farrell is an amazing leader whom I have grown to admire. She is smart, prepared, reliable, and caring and I am lucky to work with her within the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Rhonda leads our Women's Leadership Committee and was instrumental in developing its structure, metrics and vision. She has developed a mission with guidelines that help ensure the success of committee objectives. She mentors committee members and identifies their strengths and essential advantages and builds highly effective teams focused on comprehensive and sustainable results. Her work has helped us actualize the mission and help set strategic goals and achieve successes in a very short time. I highly recommend Dr. Rhonda Farrell for any mission critical project or to lead any individual or organization toward their goals."

Mr. Will Holmes
Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce, Chairman-Emeritus



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