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GIS offers services which enable your growth by capitalizing on essential advantages to create comprehensive, integrated, and sustainable results.

Consulting Services

GIS is a full spectrum consulting firm offering services to budding entrepreneurs, startups, small and medium-sized businesses, non-profits, and community groups to  help you and your organizations THRIVE!


Your "opportunity" to accelerate is NOW and you want to DIVE RIGHT IN to getting massive results.

Have a pressing challenge and need a new perspective?

Get Me Unstuck

Results are not hitting the mark and you need a kickstart?

Impact Session

Need a trusted advisor to help you think through a new strategy?

Million $$$ Question


You need a DEEPER DIVE to get you clear, aligned, and into higher levels of performance.

Have a conundrum and need a breakthrough?

Shoot Me to The Moon

Need to do the inner work to get heightened performance?

VIP Masterclasses

Looking for a shift forward, ongoing support, and accountability?

Acceleration Programs


You like charting the strategic way forward and want a definite and deliberate SUCCESS plan to follow

Schedule Your Consult Today!

I want to be part of a great COMMUNITY!


I want more Accelerator VALUE!


Need Professional or Business Acceleration Coaching?

For leaders or firms wanting road tested methodologies, quick results, and longer term accountability to support your acceleration, get partner coaching and mentoring services to assist you in achieving your next level of excellence!

Set Yourself Up for Long-Term Success Today!

Mindful Service

Call it giving back, paying it forward, or just building good old fashioned ladders of success. Proud to be serving the greater community globally as a mentor, coach, facilitator, and member.